Our Partner Program

Hardware Partner

You want your smart city or IoT hardware device to be supported by the Citylinx™ Smart City Platform ? You want to sell your hardware solution to the cities and utilities which use Citylinx™ as their software platform ? Contact us !

Reselling Partner

You want to provide your customers with a smart city solution ? Come and sign our Reselling Partner Program and select the hardware of your choice in the large portfolio of products from our Hardware Partners. Contact us !

Enterprise Partner

You want to design your own Smart City Solution ? Let’s leverage the Citylinx™ software platform, develop specific features for you and create together a differentiating solution. Contact us !

Our Enterprise & Reselling Partners

We support “standards”

For end-devices on networks

The Citylinx™ Smart City Platform supports many hardware devices connected through standardized as well as proprietary network. BeeZeeLinx actively participates to international industrial alliances such as LwM2M and uCIFI to eliminate vendor lock’in and accelerate market adoption.

The Citylinx™ Smart City Platform supports the uCIFI Data Model Version 1.0.

For software applications

The Citylinx™ Smart City Platform is a key software component within many large city information systems. To ease Citylinx™’s integration in complex smart city tenders, BeeZeeLinx is a contributor in international application standard initiatives such as TALQ and FIWARE.

The Citylinx™ Smart City Platform is certified for TALQ Version 2.

Our Hardware Partners