Citylinx Connect

With Citylinx Connect, you connect to any IoT device on any network or any external data source to feed your Citylinx dashboard, smart rules, data analytics and alarms.

Create your connector and simply write your data decoder to collect, record and manipulate millions of data points from any IoT equipement. Citylinx comes with connectors for LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LwM2M, Linky, TALQ and many other networks. Citylinx already supports devices from many IoT suppliers but you can had your own ! With Citylinx Connect, freedom is at your fingertips.

Asset Management

Our smart city software platform manages any smart city asset : outdoor luminaires, waste containers, water, gas & electrical meters, electrical cabinets, traffic cabinets, surveillance cameras, cables & pipelines and more. Citylinx™ doesn’t only provide with ways to enrich each asset properties but also to manage parts, like for example, the model of LED panels and LED drivers for an outdoor luminaire.

Unlike most of its competitors, Citylinx™ is designed with a flexible and dynamic data model that allows end-users to create their own asset data structure, making Citylinx™ a smart city platform that can control and manage each smart city asset.

Dynamic Dashboard

The Smart City Software Platform Citylinx™ provides a dynamic user-specific dashboard, that allows each end-user to have its own landing web page, depending on its points of interests. With Citylinx™, you select widgets from the Widget Store and place them on your landing web page. The Widget Store is extensible and can be enriched by our Enterprise Partners and customers.

While most of our competitors provide a fixed screen that they design, the same for all their customers, Citylinx™ gives the choice to its end-users and enable them to select the widgets they want.

Control Command

Citylinx™ provides near real-time control/command features for any smart city IoT device that needs to be remotely configured, can be remotely monitored (near real-time reading of telemetry values) or can be remotely controlled. Citylinx™ enables cities to override the programmed scheduler for a streetlight cabinet, a group or a single streetlight, as well as a water valve for instance, with a manual command.

While our competitors simply write a value to a device’s variable to send a command, Citylinx™ sends instantaneous commands for simple as well as complex commands which are executed for a certain time before setting the device back to automatic mode. Citylinx™ also sends scheduled commands to be executed at a later stage, under pre-programmed conditions.

Rule & Automation Engine

Citylinx™’s automation engine is unique : you drag and drop logic blocks to design your own logic, your own conditions and actions to create new reports only when needed, to generate new alarms, to trigger any action on the end-device or on a 3rd party application, to calculate a new variable or to update an asset property.

While other systems provides basic threshold alarming tool (if voltage is above 245 volts, create an alarm), Citylinx™ enables you to create advanced scenario which take into account the time in the day, the value of multiple attributes, the nature of the device and more, not to generate multiple, but the right, alarm and action.

Data Analytics

The Citylinx™ Smart City Software Platform can manage millions of devices and the associated massive amount of raw data that they produce every day. Citylinx™ provides you with a unique powerful and natural query language to get the best out of these data : create reports, identify issues, analyse assets. With Citylinx™, you also get built-in trend charts and pattern identification.

While many of its competitors provides exports of collected data, Citylinx™ builds an entire flexible application framework around the data to help you get the essence out of it and take valuable decisions.

Centralized Alarming & Reporting

Citylinx™ collects millions of data sent by the smart city IoT devices that are deployed in your city. From these data, Citylinx™ provides a rule engine to detect abnormal situations and, when needed, to create, manage and clear  alarms and associated tickets for operators to execute associated action plans. In addition, Citylinx™ provides a report manager that enables you to understand any situation and track progress.

Unlike most of its competitors, Citylinx™ does not only provide an alarm viewer but also manage the associated tickets for the right operator, an employee of the city or a contractor, to execute the associated action plan.

Smart City Apps : Public Buildings under Control

With Citylinx™, cities and their IT & energy integrators can even control and command their public buildings, display energy consumption per room/area/floor with connection to ENEDIS LINKY, display air quality, temperature, humidity, presence and other  building energy efficiency analytics.

Take a look at the BIM integration within Citylinx™ and benefit from the power of 3D isometric integration within your single Smart City Platform.

Smart City App : Control Programs & Schedulers

Smart Streetlight and Smart Water absolutely require control program and schedulers to send operations programs to IoT devices, luminaire controllers and valves, to run their own edge-logic to switch ON, dim and switch OFF depending on local conditions.

While generic IoT platforms are mostly mono-directional, Citylinx™ is not only fully bi-directional but can also deploy edge computing programs composed of complex lighting-specific control programs that allow groups of luminaire to switch ON/DIM/OFF depending on ambient light or the position of the sun, to react on local presence sensors during active period or to dim light level depending on the traffic in the street.

Secured & Scalable

All the release testing of the Citylinx™ smart city platform is performed by professionals with not less than 500,000 devices. The architecture of Citylinx™ is multi-cloud. Citylinx™ runs on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OVH, Amazon Cloud as well as any other cloud. Citylinx™ even runs on your own servers (on-premise installation) if you prefer to be cloud-independent and run your smart city in your local control center.

While some of our competitors are cloud-dependent and some others are still running on a simple non-scalable MySQL database, we designed Citylinx™ to be a solution for small projects as well as for the largest projects world-wide, with the same performance.

GeoMap Analytics

Citylinx™ provides map-based application logic to identify alarms on maps at a city-level, to analyse abnormal electrical behavior using heat map analytics, to manage assets, to control and monitor all the city assets efficiently.

While some of our competitors use basic google map mechanisms to display a pin and a tooltip for each object, Citylinx™ provides business-oriented map to identify where maintenance operators should act, help manage assets on maps, create new assets and devices rapidly and precisely and support multiple map source to supply any customer in any country.

Open API for your integration

Citylinx™ provides a full set of secured, fully documented REST API. Using the SWAGGER documentation, it is easier for smart city integrators to get all the data from Citylinx™ into your 3rd party business applications, should they be Water Management Systems, Waste Management Tools, Open Data Platforms or Smart City Dashboards.

While some of our competitors are still running closed software where integration is at least expensive and specific to their data model and at worst a nightmare, Citylinx™ has already been integrated with several Asset Management platforms and control systems within few days.