Who are we & what we do

BeeZeeLinx, the IoT Software Company

The world of IoT is moving everyday: new customer needs, new networking technologies, new protocols and new software platforms. We help you develop IoT solutions that fit your needs.

We’ve worked on dozens of real projects in the USA and in Europe. We gained a unique expertise about connected devices and associated applications.

All members of our team have 15+ years of experience in software architecture, project management, software development and validation. We will accompany you to develop innovative software solutions.


What we're good at

Security Frameworks

We have worked on mission-critical jobs for the aeronautics industry.

IoT Platforms

We have developed IoT data collect platforms capable to collect millions of data values per second.

City Control Centers

We have helped companies develop control center features to make cities smarter.

Data Analytics

We have developed back-ends able to analyze billions of data values to extract relevant KPIs, reports and maps.

UX and Web Design

We have track records with developing modern UX and other front-ends for the web as well as for mobile apps.

Test and Certifications

A professional test process is the best way to get happy users and customers !


We've worked with cool companies

Our clients are both small and large companies involved in the IoT market. We act as your software architect, as your software department or as your sub-contractor.


We support Schréder Owlet IoT outdoor lighting systems

Urban Control

We developed smart city control widgets and apps with Urban Control

Smart Nodes

We support Smart Nodes dynamic outdoor lighting systems


Biyotee, the expert in smart grid and radio-communication networks, provides Cabinet Control Solutions to Smart Cities


Citylone is the leading player of Outdoor Lighting Control in France.


We are working with Novaccess on Smart City Control systems.


That’s how we work

Listening to your needs

We first try to understand the specificities of your business, your objective, your users or customers and your needs.

Help you specify

We act as your assistant product manager, helping you describe the software processes in the back-end and UX interactions and designs.

Develop Software

We develop software with the language of your choice according to AGILE methodology. You get access to our JIRA backlog and kanban for your project.

Test, test and test

We include well-defined test case with detailed test steps during our software development process so that tests can be automated as much as possible.

Deploy and update your servers

We are specialized in DEVOPS. We develop, test and release new versions so that adding a new feature can be done within hours. Your users can’t wait !

Certify software

We also analyze existing software applications to propose improvements and help pass certification such as Penetration Tests.


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