Citylinx™, the Smart City Platform Control Software to save energy and contain maintenance costs on all your city assets
Streetlights, Traffic, Parking, Waste, Water, Buildings & More
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Citylinx™ Connect, turn Data into Business Actions Connect to any IoT device or external data source within minutes
Play with data analytics and Smart Rules to generate valuable alarms and information
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Multi-supplier, multi-networks One single software that controls any hardware supplier
TALQ, uCIFI, LwM2M, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT and more
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Citylinx™, the Smart Streetlight CMS Open multi-supplier Central Management Software
for cities & utilities
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Our Value Proposition

Smart City Software Platform

Citylinx™ is the leading Smart City Software Platform.
With Citylinx™, cities improve their energy saving and maintenance processes by controlling, managing, monitoring and configuring any smart city device in the street and in public buildings

Cloud services

The Citylinx™ Smart City Platform runs on multiple clouds, including local and private clouds, as well as on-premise. At BeeZeeLinx, we can even manage your smart city services on our highly scalable and multi-tenant cloud with 99,9% service level agreement.

Specific Software Development

Citylinx™ is flexible by-design. Adding control widgets, supporting new device-types and running new analytics is easy to provide you with an agile platform that perfectly fits your needs !

World-class technical support

BeeZeeLinx provides its technical support services to local smart city operators and solution providers which deliver smart city services to cities and utilities around the world.

Citylinx™ : key features

Citylinx Connect

Asset Management

Centralized Alarming & Reporting

Control Command

Rule & Automation Engine

Data Analytics

Smart City Apps

Secured & Scalable


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